WSM Bishop – CMJ529NR06

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Product Description

Named after its chess piece‐like shape, the WSM Bishop is a perfect example of traditional elegance. The dial exhibits Roman numerals, and the classic pendulum features a brushed gold finish disk. The WSM Bishop comes equipped with our signature WSM sound system that carries the hourly Westminster chime, 4 x 4 chimes, 6 classical melodies, or 3 Christmas melodies. Clock is battery quartz operated.

* Hourly strike or quarterly strike
* Demonstration button
* Volume control
* ON/OFF switch
* Requires 2 C size batteries

Size : 33.7''H x 10.3''W x 4''D
Weight : 8.5 lbs.
Case Pack : 2 pcs.
UPC # 009136529065

Plays one of 11 melodies every hour on the hour from 2 different melody selections, or hourly / quarterly Westminster chimes

(click on the title to hear the song)

Four Seasons - Spring
Morning Mood - Peer Gynt
Voice Of Spring
Le Cygne (The Swan)
Tale From The Vienna Woods

- or -

Silent Night
Joy To The World
We Wish You A Merry Christmas

- or -

Westminster Chime (Quarterly)

- or -

Westminster Chime (Hourly)



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CMJ529NR06 WSM Bishop

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