Air – Blue – USB Portable Personal Fan – 9ZF03RH04

Super Long Endurance and Strong Airflow – Adopted advanced technology with Dual Blade TECHNOLOGY.

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Product Description

Super Long Endurance and Strong Airflow - Adopted advanced technology.

Most powerful airflow technology in handheld/portable fans. Compact, light, and handy for indoor or outdoor use!  

Airflow via the Rhythm Air portable fan with Dual Blade TECHNOLOGY.

This Dual Blade TECHNOLOGY gives you a focused, strong centralized flow of Air, which you can control with a 4-speed setting - Low, Mid, High, Turbo. With the Turbo setting, you can feel the Air up to 8 to 12 feet away from the fan.
The rear fan pulls the air to the front fan, which directs the Air where you want it.  

With regular handheld fan with a single blade that only pulls air from one side of the fan to the other.

It results in an unfocused airflow.

Regular handheld fan with a single blade.


  • Dual Blade TECHNOLOGY
  • 4 Speeds Low/ Mid/ High/ Turbo
  • USB/Rechargeable
  • Up to 10 Hour Battery Life
  • USB TYPE-C (Included) Approx. 30 cm/11.8 inches (excluding connector)
  • 4 step Adjustable Stand
  • Fan rotation type: Double inversion type
  • (0.3 lbs.)
  • Interface USB DC5.0V/500mAh
  • 2000mAh Lithium-ion Built-in Battery
  • Battery Life Low/10h, Mid/5h, High/2h, Turbo/0.5h
  • Charge Time About 6 hours
  • Continuous battery time: Low: approx. 10 hours; Medium: approx. 5 hours; High: approx. 2 hours;
    Turbo: approx. 30 minutes - Approximate figures assuming full charge.
  • Power lamp: White LED
  • Red LED Steady: Charging, Flashing: Battery low
  • Motor Brushless DC Motors
  • Patent Registered
  • 162 mm (H) × 85 mm (W) × 39 mm (L)/6.4" (H) × 3.4" (W) × 1.5" (L)
  • Material: Body: ABS resin, fan blades: PP
  • Accessories included: USB cable (×1), Instruction Manual and warranty.

Size: 6.25" H x 3.25 "W x 1.3" D

Weight: 0.3 lbs.

Case Pack: 50 pcs.

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9ZF031RH04 - Blue










Rhythm Air - White              Rhythm Air - Blue          Rhythm Air - Dark Gray


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Air – UBS Portable Fan Manual

Limited One Year Warranty

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9ZF031RH04 Air - USB Fan Blue

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Rhythm 9ZF031RH04 DataSheet